Saturday, August 16, 2014

Attitude Adjustment - Day 5

Today's blessings include the following:

  1. bags of frozen jasmine rice, cutting down dinner prep time;
  2. precooked chicken, cutting down dinner prep time;
  3. pre-packaged spice packs, cutting down dinner prep time (are we sensing a pattern here?);
  4. a husband willing to try new recipes;
  5. a son whose finicky eating habits are slowing giving way to trying new things.
Later daze...

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

By #3, I *was* sensing a pattern :) I am not doing a lot of cooking these days, and it will get even more sparse for a while. I am actually kind of enjoying it!! LOL!

A husband willing to try new recipes would be one of mine too. Believe me, I know his two brothers (incredibly picky eaters) and so I know just how grateful I am to get the one willing to try, even things like quinoa and couscous (foreign to him and all related to him). :)

Glad your son is coming around too... just wait till he hits 30 and eats anything and everything! :)