Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Me in the Aisles

He's not a hearts and flowers kind of guy, so I don't expect a romantic dinner with candles and wine.  Neither of us likes to dress up, so we don't go to fancy restaurants often.  We've done the big chain fondue restaurant once (we liked it despite the price tag), and we've done the local steak house and swooned over the melt-in-your-mouth 10 oz. Delmonico.  We've gone to romantic movies, shared ice cream sundaes, and picnicked in the shadow of the Red Rocks in Sedona.

Honestly, though, our best date night is spent cruising the aisles of our local Trader Joe's without kids in tow.


Yes, really.  See, I'm somewhat of a foodie.  He is NOT; however, he is willing to try new things within reason.  So while I can't get him to eat the carrot and cilantro bulgur grain salad, he will try the chicken pesto sausage.  And with offerings like a .75 lb. package of fresh lobster ravioli for $7.99, Trader Joe's makes it easy for one to eat like a gourmand and without busting your grocery budget.

With kids in tow, my husband and I have been known to spend a mere 30 minutes in the store, dashing down the aisles and picking up two weeks' worth of essentials while trying not to put too many of the "Mom, we really want these" items in the cart.  On date night, we can peruse the aisles at a leisurely rate reading labels, creating menus in our conversations, and imaging ourselves as the next "Chopped" champion.

I'll admit, it's not your typical date night place, but it can be romantic if you are a foodie.

And if your husband sneaks back into the store and buys you your favorite sea salt chocolate covered caramels.......and a dozen yellow roses priced at $9.99.

Later daze.......